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You cannot output the HTML content of a Google Doc page into the context of google docs api php your own page and get that to work. If you want to show a document to a user, redirect them to the .

Manage documents in Google docs using GData API. This class can be used to manage documents google docs api php in Google docs using GData API. It can send HTTP requests to the GData API Web .

Saving Form Data to Google Spreadsheets Using PHP and the Google Docs API: The general idea is to read a Google Spreadsheet through PHP and save user

Docs; FAQ; Articles; Blog; Twitter; Forum; Terms . Data API Developer's google docs api php Guide: PHP. Important: This version of the Google Calendar Data API has been deprecated.

. grab a list of current documents from the

This example application showcases the OCR feature of the Documents List Data API. It allows you to upload an image and start an OCR operation on it.

Gmapper ist eine PHP Klasse, die den Einsatz von Google Maps in Websites stark . Download: Gmapper 1.2 Dokumentation: Docs . Externe Links Google Maps API Ajax Info

Google Spreadsheet document, created with the Google Docs user interface or with the Google Documents List API. worksheet Named collection of cells within a spreadsheet.

This API is used to create (upload), retrieve, update, and delete documents in Google Docs. Specifically, since you're using PHP, you'll want to use the PHP client library for the .

There is a PHP wrapper for the first version of the protocol, but it totally depends on the Zend Framework. Here

It allows you to translate text between the languages supported by the Google Language API. Please read the Google Language API docs for more
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